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Announcing the VERITAS Power Amplifier Mono Blocks from Merrill Audio. Technology based on the Hypex Ncore NC1200 and Hypex SMPS1200

Listening Tests have show the astounding clarity and detail of the VERITAS Power Amplifier Mono Blocks along with the power and extremely fast responses leaves very little to be desired.

The core of the amplifier is the Hypex Ncore NC1200 the brain child and baby of Bruno Putzeys. The Hypex Ncore NC1200 is specifically built for the discerning audiophile where only the best will do. The Ncore design is a Class D. Bruno has taken the Class D design of the UcD and bettered it significantly, taking it a quantum leap forward. This puts in in a class by itself. The Hypex Ncore design has white papers on the Hypex Ncore website.

While Hypex had the UcD technology which was an excellent technology, its time has come where other companies are catching up to the excellences of that product line.  Hypex is continuously upgrading its technologies and the Hypex Ncore has been 2 years in the  making. Bruno is known for his perfection. Perfecting theoretical designs, Bruno build the Hypex, painstakingly designing each trace on the board for maximum performance for the audiophile.

Merrill Audio has taken the Hypex Ncore NC1200 and engineering it to have only the best stay with the best. The Hypex Ncore NC1200 is surrounded by only the best engineered products to keep and extend its capability for the audiophile. While Hypex Ncore will be rolled down to the UcD modules, the feedback loop gain will be exclusive kept to the NC1200. The ability for the Hypex NC1200 to handle transient with ease is utterly amazing. To make sure none of it was lost, Merrill Audio’s VERITAS has engineered the inputs, outputs and power to be one of the best, keeping with its quest for Audio Purity. While the Hypex Ncore NC1200 can handle good amounts of power, it is very fast and has a almost non existent noise floor, the design of the VERITAS amplifier mono block, keeps the integrity and improves on external intrusion protection. This keeps the noise nonexistent, improves the staging and detail while helping with the upper frequency detail and lower frequency dynamics.

To quote listeners, “very detailed”, “very low noise floor”, “powerful” and more comments like that.

Merrill Audio is excited to present the VERITAS Power amplifier Mono Block with the Hypex Ncore, NC1200.

To audition a VERITAS Mono Block, call or email Merrill Audio. To get a Merrill Audio VERITAS Mono Block pair, call or email to get scheduled into a production date.

For those Audiophiles. Imagine you had subwoofer with your full range system. Then you put in super tweeters to build up detail to clearly hear the inhale of a singer or the brush of the finger on the string as the guitarist stroked it. The you put up a stage of the live music in front of you to house all the speakers. Now start playing your  music on your system with the VERITAS Power Amps. This is what you will get, without a Subwoofer, without super tweeters, without a live stage. It just seems live. You will tap your  feet into Rachmaninoff, stand up an applaud after Nora Jones, nod your head to the beat of Yello, you just cannot help yourself when playing through the VERITAS Power Amps.

For the Specifications or Technologist. Think of 38 Amps of current instantaneously available through 11 AWG wire with Rhodium plating to make that exceptional contact, running through very soft annealed OFC Litz wire with the shortest length possible. Imaging the electrons and atoms all aligned through quantum tunneling on the power supply side with Gold contacts for the maximum long term contact. Input in true differential balanced design that even removes the hum or noise sometimes heard to give you a dead, blank background.  A billet Aluminum chassis made from 66 pounds of solid aluminum. Even the footers are build for audio purity.

Whether you are a Audiophile or a Technologist or both, you will listen and go Wow!

Merrill Audio VERITAS Power Amplifier with Hypex Ncore NC1200.

Merrill Audio Advanced Technology Labs, LLC



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These VERITAS monos from Merrill Audio are freaky. Quietest amps I've had in-house. They're inspiring all kinds of silly words, too. Like "oodles". Who uses that word any more? But I have oodles here. Oodles of detail, bass, and top-end extension. I don't think my Magnepans have ever sounded better. Just wowsers.

13 hours ago · Frederick, MD