Audio Purity

THOR Monoblock Power Amplifiers

Musical . Detailed . Refined

The THOR Monoblocks lineage from the VERITAS Monoblocks are engineered to maintain Audio Purity.

"I have been looking for a neutral amplifier that could help with mastering our titles at HDTT,

I finally have found it, the Thor amplifiers by Merrill Audio has been a revelation and has become

an indispensable tool for me in the mastering process."

Robert Witrak

Using Merrill Audio’s philosophy of Audio Purity, the THOR Monoblocks are engineered to every detail. Starting with the trickle down Hypex Ncore technology in the UcD Modules,  utilizing the finest components, Merrill Audio encases the design in a solid billet aircraft grade aluminum chassis design for isolation of components and to minimize microphonic vibrations. Ensuring every micro detail is kept, Merrill Audio THOR Mono Blocks delivers exceptional sound and value, precise staging in a superbly musical amplifier. The value combination is an Amplifier that is very hard to beat with its heritage from the VERITAS Monoblocks.

Beautifully finished in Black Piano Gloss, each unit is a work of art.

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$4,800 per Pair

Worldwide Shipping included.

Delivery Time is 4-6 weeks if not in stock

Design philosophy.

The Thor Monoblocks benefit from the technology and research done by for the VERITAS Monoblocks. Machined from Aircraft grade aluminum block, the case is engineered to minimize microphonics. The chassis is painted and backed Piano Gloss Black for aesthetics in addition to good sound.

The signal paths are designed to be the shortest possible, giving you the cleanest audio signal possible. The chassis and layout were designed, whether single height or double height, to have the shortest signal path, reducing noise and lets the speed, control, and dynamics of the sound come through the power amp unhindered.

The largest wire gauge is used to allow for the best transfer of signal. XLR connectors are Cardas Rhodium plate over silver and Cardas Patented Speaker Binding Posts with Rhodium plate Copper posts. Furutech IEC with Gold plate is use for the AC.

Footers are Stillpoins Ultramini risers for isolation from your platform.

For excellent power flow, Merrill Audio ANAP Power cords made from Furutech silver coated conductors and Cardas connectors are provided.

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AV Rev  

Conclusion from the review.

The Merrill Audio THOR mono blocks were among most engaging and sonically flawless power amplifiers I have had in my system to date. At $4000, they are the real deal, and come equipped with costly performance enhancements no manufacturer I know of is offering at this price point. The $12,000 VERITAS monos get you more power, and perhaps improved dynamics, but for those with smaller spaces and reasonably efficient speakers, the THORs are just the ticket.

The THORs offer a clean window into the music and are completely free of mechanical or electronic artifacts. They are incredibly low noise, and this contributes to their rock solid imaging and sense of space. The Merrill THORs are a bargain for what they bring to the table. Special mention goes to the excellent ANAP cables provided by Merrill as well. I have no doubt they helped extract the very best performance out of the THORs.

These amplifiers are a must audition.


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