Audio Purity

VERITAS Mono Block Power Amplifiers

Detailed   .   Musical   .   Powerful

The VERITAS Monoblocks based on the Hypex Ncore NC1200 are engineered to maintain Audio Purity.

Feel the power effortlessly drive your speakers, regardless of impedance and complexity.

Tap your toes uncontrollably to the splendor of music that seems live.

Feel the speed when the crack of the drum strikes your chest or the strike of the piano key that is so enjoyable..…
   You will turn up the volume.

Using Merrill Audio’s philosophy of Audio Purity, the VERITAS Mono Blocks are engineered to every detail. Starting with the Hypex Ncore NC1200, utilizing the finest components, Merrill Audio encases the design in a solid billet aircraft grade aluminum chassis design for isolation of components and to minimize microphonic vibrations. Ensuring every micro detail is kept, Merrill Audio VERITAS Mono Blocks delivers exceptional sound, precise staging in a superbly musical amplifier. The combination is an Amplifier that is very hard to beat.

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$12,000 a pair of Monoblocks

Worldwide Shipping included.

Delivery Time is 4-6 weeks unless in stock

Design philosophy.

Start with a 66 pound solid aluminum block.  Delicately machine the chassis from this solid block with isolation chambers and frames to limit any sonic interference and minimize vibrations. Keep the walls 1 inches thick, to limit and absorb vibration. The result is a solid chassis that is a work of art and exquisite engineering.

The signal paths are designed to be the shortest possible, giving you the cleanest audio signal possible. Longer cables typically use shielding. Excessive shielding introduces capacitances that slow the dynamics of the system, especially power amps, bloating the bass and reducing the high frequencies. Keeping wires short removes the requirement for shielding, and lets the speed, control, and dynamics of the sound come through the power amp unhindered.

Solid core wires have the higher frequency currents run on the edge of the wire, called skin effect. This causes roll off in high frequencies since the skin is smaller than the core.  This tends to give a tube like sound or warm sound. To be Truthful, Audio purity requires that the components do not impart any coloration of their own to the sound. Litz wires solve this problem by having multiple smaller strands of insulated wire. The amount of "skin" becomes the same amount of the solid core for the required frequency range, giving a much wider linear frequency bandwidth. Litz wire is far more expensive and  harder to work as each strand has to be striped and combined at the wire terminations. All audio wiring in the VERITAS is Litz Wire.

All wiring is done point to point and soldered for the best connections or screwed securely for the tightest connections. Audio wire for the inputs and the outputs is Cardas Litz Wire. The inputs have Cardas 19 AWG Litz wire.  This wire is ultra-pure copper, with extra soft annealed, Oxygen free copper all done in house for the cleanest, softest copper wire. Each strand is coated with urethane enamel in an oxygen free atmosphere. The strands are then combined to form the Cardas Litz cable used in VERITAS.

Bi-wiring is done from the board to provide true bi-wiring. Each bi-wire cable is Cardas 11 AWG Litz wire for the best connectivity and power transfer. This is directly connected to the Patented Cardas Speaker Binding posts with Rhodium over solid copper posts that are directly connected to the audio output wires. Typical speaker binding posts make their connections through screw threads of the fighting nut. The Cardas posts selected have solid copper posts with Rhodium plate to form full contact directly with the spades, increasing full contact and transfer of audio power.

The Mono blocks are a true fully balanced design with both input signals floating for a true balanced differential input, utilizing the Hypex Ncore NC1200.  Enjoy the Power, Musical sound and speed! Typically balanced lines are used for long cables. However a Balanced Differential helps reduce the noise, regardless of cable length. Having a true balanced differential design is difficult and expensive. Other balanced amps and pre-amps have a balanced circuit by mirroring single ended circuits. However the reference to ground still creates noise.  The VERITAS is designed with a full differential input circuit, to give you true balanced circuitry. The result being VERITAS mono blocks are dead quiet (see below). The fully differential balanced design is carefully maintained with a floating audio ground.  Balanced inputs are Cardas XLR full metal jackets with gold plate over everything. The pins are Silver with Rhodium plate for maximum connectivity and life.

After exhaustive listening tests, Power cables from Waveform Fidelity were selected. The supplied Power Cord is a Waveform Fidelity HE MK III, that provides maximum performance of the Merrill Audio VERITAS Monoblocks with the best clarity and transient performance.


“enchanting and majestic

sound for discerning audiophiles”

“sonic delight”

“Highly recommended.”

“highly recommended for those seeking a transparent amplifier with power to spare.”