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We sell worldwide with selected dealers, prices good worldwide.


Our 30-day, in-home, risk-free trial works very simply and easily. We will ship you any equipment that you wish. You use it in your own home to listen to your familiar music, in your own listening room, with your own associated audio components for up to 30 days.

If you are not satisfied with the equipment for any reason, we insist you return it as we only want and have happy customers.?? You can relax when working with us knowing that you won’t get stuck with anything you don’t like.

This is a much better way to audition equipment than going to a dealer’s showroom where you listen in a strange environment for only a few minutes.? You can only really get to know audio equipment by living with it for at least several days in your own home where you can use your own familiar equipment and listening room and have plenty of time to listen to much of your music collection.

Our equipment is modular so it can be handled by one person and shipped by UPS directly to your door.? No trucking firms, palletized shipments, lift gates, or truck docks are involved and you need not be home to accept delivery.

Shipping time is about one week to most anywhere in the world.?? Tracking is available so you can follow your shipment and will know exactly when it will arrive.

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