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CARA Preamplifier


Cara: The Breakthrough

Cara is a product which divided opinion, because of its industrial ‘come or I’ll fetch you’ aesthetic. Some loved it, others weren’t so sure. But its sound ? or should we say, its absence of a sonic signature was not controversial. Transparency, fluidity, detail, subtlety, spaciousness, delicacy, at the right time, with the requisite speed to stay on top of the most dynamic musical events, Cara was welcomed into the audiophile world as a benchmark product, excitedly discussed, shared, slotted into systems comprising the finest music reproduction products available.

Cara is superseded by Christine, our reference preamplifier, but we include Cara here in tribute to a breakthrough preamplifier into which we poured everything we have learned about delivering the music ? not the nth degree of this or that sound quality, but beyond the nth: the vital musical cues that are spontaneously created by human musicians in real time and space.

You might bump into Cara on your travels in the high end, perhaps in the home of a reviewer who simply couldn’t part company with the review sample! If you do definitely make some time to get acquainted.

Cara: the breakthrough

  • 2 pairs of outputs (4 channels)
  • Each output channel can be set to independent relative volume levels
  • Remote Control with mute, on/off for remote trigger (12V, 20mA),
  • Cardas XLR inputs, gold-plated chassis with rhodium plate metal body, teflon insulation and silver pins
  • External power supply with double fused inlet
  • Large LED display with -99 to +15db control in 0.5 db steps
  • Optional Isoacoustics GAIA III footers
  • Optional Synergistic fuses (2 required)
Input Voltage: +/- 10V
Output Voltage: +/- 12V
Frequency Response: 8Hz to 200kHz 0.1dB
S/N: 110dB
THD: 0.002%
Inputs: 4 inputs with individual gain presets
Outputs: 2 outputs with individual level presets
Volume range: -99db to + 15dB (0 to +115)
Input Preset Range: +/- 12dB
Output Preset Range: 0 to 115dB
Preset Max volume level: 0 to 115dB
Preset Min Volume level: 0 to 115 dB
Display Brightness settings: 1 to 9, and off
Display delay dim time range: 5 sec to 25 sec
Display Size: 1.25? high x 6? wide, blue LED dot matrix
Remote Trigger: 12V
Other Permanently saved settings
External Power Supply with 110V/240V
Remote Control
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