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Element 114 Stereo Power Amplifier


"The Art of Sound, and Silence"

We understand that not everyone wants the complexity and expense, relatively speaking, of a dedicated monaural power amplifier per channel. If you require a more compact solution that, nevertheless is able to satisfy the most discerning lover of recorded music Element 114, our stereo offering is sure to appeal.

The Element 114 stereo power amplifier is the smallest and least powerful sibling in our power amplifier range, but still packs a punch with its 200 watts into 8 ohms, 400 into 4 ohms and 800 watts into 2 ohms. The ability to double output for a halving of impedance is the hallmark of a truly well engineered amp.

Element 114 is built with the same dedication to musical, and emotional fidelity that is at the heart of our philosophy and passion? ? music first, connection, immediacy, the moment filled with all the detail and nuance in timing, harmony, ambient data, dynamics and speed that make the concert hall or the recording studio come to life for you in your own home.

Element 114 has the same ‘blacker than black’ ultra quiet noise floor of our other power amplifiers, to allow the most delicate of musical information to emerge unmolested from its circuitry. We insist on it ? silence is the beginning of music, silence pervades the music; music is the dance of sound with silence. Everything we have learned about how to create ‘the void’, this purity of noiselessness in components and signal paths goes into the Element 114 stereo power amplifier.

All great music seems to revolve around a fundamentally still point. Perhaps we can appreciate this most keenly in the work of J.S. Bach, especially the fugues. The music emerges from nothingness, moves around emptiness and returns to stillness at the end.

Without this fidelity to no sound ? to quiet, we lose that all important sense of anticipation as the needle hits the groove, or the play button is pushed. We lose our connection to the heart of performance as extraneous anomalous sonic events enter the signal path and vital cues are swamped by interference, however tiny. Music must emerge from purity, and live in it till done.

Element 114 ? the art of sound, and silence.

We design the Element 114 stereo power amplifier to be beautiful.

We want you to welcome it into your home to enhance and complement your carefully considered living space.

Materials and finishes are carefully chosen to provide beautiful, subtle contrasts and quiet visual power, On trend rose gold adorns the fascia, top and side features which are proprtioned perfectly relative to the unit size. The bevelled rose gold fascia includes two vertical ‘V’ profile precision cut channels that frame a subtly outlined, engraved center space in which the artfully radiused, deeply recessed LCD display is framed.

The fascia is designed to express a quiet authority, hinting at the power within ? like a window into the dynamism and speed of the amplifier’s internal thought.

The main body of the amplifier is finished in ultra high gloss nickel – a smart companion to the sultry copper-gold detailing elsewhere. We expose certain of our fixings, in the finest tradition of industrial aesthetic ? think race cars, or guilloche in which the design ‘confesses’ the means of its execution, and against this, further rose gold elements interpose and slightly soften. The side vented cooling panels include a gentle wave form innovation that gently balances prominent verticals, horizontals and precision edges elsewhere.

This unostentatious,? but commanding, piece sits on solid stainless steel outriggers, which are engineered to create an environment of balance and acoustic isolation for optimum performance of the instrument. These outriggers terminate in high performance footings that both isolate the piece from the ground plane and help to absorb unwanted low frequency vibrations which originate in the earth.

Needless to say componentry throughout is of the highest standard available, from binding posts to rhodium plated power connections. Rhodium is expensive, but extremely durable. This is what we require in our design. From circuit boards to our proprietary, copper rich heat distribution system everything is best in class, intended for a lifetime of pure listening pleasure.

We believe we have created a supremely musical instrument, that is life-enhancing, sonically and visually, integrating deep thinking about music and musicality, with a refined approach to aesthetics and presence, to delight you, fascinate your guests and provide unparalleled experiences of the true soul of music.

S/N: 110dB
Gain: 26db
Power rating: 200W/8, 400/4, 800/2 ohms
Speaker Terminals: WBT ? 0710 CuMc binding posts, Accepts Bananas, spades or wire.
Input: XLR Balanced input, Merrill audio Custom Teflon, rhodium plated XLR
Power AC: 20A AC inlet, Furutech
Footers: GAiA III from Isoacoustics
Size: 430mm (16.9?) W x 110mm (4.3?) H x 418mm (16.5?) D
Shipping size: 559mm (22?) W x 254mm (10?) H x 559mm (22?) D
Weight: 20kg (44lbs)

Flerovium.?That’s the 114th?element in the periodic table, “a super-heavy extremely radioactive synthetic element named after the Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna, Russia where?it was discovered in 1998.” As?Element 114,?it also is the newest stereo amplifier from Merrill Audio. It does 200wpc@ ? and keeps doubling down into 2?. Without any feedback and claimed zero dead time between its on/off switching,?it uses a class D circuit with gallium nitride output transistors and?LLC-resonant power supply with custom transformer as inductor. “This ultra-low noise power supply gives?the amplifier its seemingly limitless supply of power and ultra-low noise floor at full power.” It?comes in polished black nickel with rose gold fascia?and accents. A 20A AC inlet?provides for a tighter connection. The Teflon XLR input has rhodium-plated silver pins. The speaker binding posts are pure copper. Gain is 26dB.

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