Merrill Audio Announces the Most Advanced Power Amplifiers
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February 16, 2018
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Merrill Audio Announces the Most Advanced Power Amplifiers, their Crowning achievement.

Element118 Merill Audio Advanced Technology Labs

Merill Audio Advanced Technology Labs

For Immediate Release:
7th May 2018
Merrill Audio Advanced Technology Labs, LLC

Bernardsville, New Jersey, USA.

Connecting you to your Music so deeply they will touch your soul, that is the new line of the most advanced Power Amplifiers from Merrill Audio. This Crowning achievement took over 4 years of research, the use of the very latest technology, meticulous engineering and finest materials available. Using Merrill Audio?s proprietary ZXOL design, the new ELEMENT series of Power Amplifiers are an order of Magnitude better in every sonic character than their previous amplifiers and simply like no other and

A great many new technologies are used in the new ELEMENT series, code name Project Oganesson.? This is named after the Oganesson element ? the latest Atomic element added to the periodic table, OG with atomic number 118. The ELEMENT series of Amplifiers will start with the ELEMENT 118, as with Og 118, and continue with ELEMENT 116, ELEMENT 114 which will inherit this technology and advances in audio reproduction.

Using a zero feedback, open loop proprietary design, code named ZXOL from Merrill Audio, the Power amplifiers get the most details available and the fastest response. The open loop design takes advantage of the very latest exotic transistor technology using Gallium Nitride. Extracting and keep this accurate speed and huge amount of detail in the musical reproduction required a circuit board that has almost all its parasitic inductance and capacitance reduced to near zero.? Using expertise developed over a decade the extra special Circuit boards were designed and a unique pure copper onboard heatsink for very fast thermal transfer and stability. The pure copper heatsink the power supply and amplifier weighs a hefty 16 pounds. Only the finest 0.1% tolerance components were used. Even the wire was specially selected silver plated OFC Teflon sleeved wire.

Live Music has both immediacy and power. Both require the power supply of a power amplifier to appear as an unlimited, immediate resource.? Merrill Audio uses an LLC design for its power supply where a custom built transformer is designed as a precision inductor. With this design the power supply can instantaneously supply almost any current.

The combination is the most revealing, fast, and exciting music reproduction you will hear, and will simply draw you emotionally into the music with its realism, clean, ultra-quiet background.

All this is packaged in the ELEMENT 118 Power Amplifier Monoblocks.? Beautifully engineered chassis that is accented with Rose Gold Acoustical Dampers and faceplate. A touch screen for ease of use and information is provided on the front. For your ears and your eyes.

the ELEMENT 118 Power Amplifier Monoblocks, has a huge reserve of power for extended transients, delivers very musical 400 watts into 8 ohms, 800 watts into 4 ohms and 1,600 watts into 2 ohms.? Dual pure copper WBT speaker binding posts provide easy bi-wiring. 20A IEC AC inlet is used for a tight, excellent connection with heavy power cords. The ELEMENT 118 Power Amplifier Monoblocks are Acoustically isolated on Stainless Steel Outriggers on GAIA footers from Isoacoustics.

See the World premiere of the ELEMENT 118 Power Amplifier Monoblocks, priced at $36,000 from Merrill Audio at the Munich High End Show Atrium 4.2 E226 Room.? Feel the emotion so deep it will touch your soul.

About Merrill Audio Advanced Technology Labs, LLC

Merrill Audio Advanced Technology Labs, LLC designs ultra-high end equipment that has been the forefront of technology since its inception in 2011. Merrill Audio based in New Jersey, USA, is known for their excellence in Audio reproduction, using advanced techniques and technologies.

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