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Element 116 Power Amplifier Monoblocks
March 2, 2019
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March 2, 2019

Christine Reference Preamplifier


Finally, experience the illusion of space with detail, mid-range and a solid holographic image. Hear the speed and bottom end grip with slam on the music. The Christine Reference Preamplifier from Merrill Audio is the finest preamplifier to date. It delivers a superb, musically engaging presentation?fully engaging, never, ever, fatiguing. The Christine Reference Preamplifier will make you sit up in your chair in wonder and realism.

Input Voltage max: +/- 10V
Output Voltage max: +/- 12V
Frequency Response: 800kHz 0.1db, 1.5MHz -3db
S/N: 120dB
THD: 0.003%
Inputs: 4 balanced with individual gain presets
Outputs: 2 balanced with individual level presets
Volume range: -84db to +26db in 0.5dB steps (0 to +115)
Input Preset Gain Range: +/- 12dB
Output Preset Range: 0 to 115dB
Preset Max volume level: 0 to 115dB
Preset Min Volume level: 0 to 115dB
Display Brightness settings: 1 to 9, and off
Display delay dim time range: 5 sec to 25 sec
Display Size: 1.25? high x 6? wide, blue LED dot matrix
Remote Trigger: 12V, 20mA
Other: Permanently saved settings
Double-fused external power supply
Remote Control
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