Element 118 Power Amplifier Monobloacks
Element 118 Power Amplifier Monoblocks
February 22, 2019
CHRISRINE Reference Pre Amplifier
Christine Reference Preamplifier
March 2, 2019

Element 116 Power Amplifier Monoblocks


The Element 116 Power Amplifier Mono-blocks are based on the exceptional design advances developed for the Element 118 Power Amplifier, but unlike the 118, the 116 has been specifically scaled to meet a price point. ?Capitalizing on the extraordinary research and development accomplished for the Element 118 Power Amplifier Mono-blocks, the Element 116 approaches the same sonic signature ? allowing you to emotionally connect with your music in a manner that is as life like as possible. The Element 116 Power Amplifier Mono-blocks has the similar ultra low noise resolution that makes it possible for you to distinguish even the most minute differentiation’s in the musical presentation.

Power rating:300watts into 8ohms
600 watts into 4 ohms
1200 watts into 2 ohms
Speaker Terminals:Dual pairs of posts for bi-wiring
WBT ? 0710 CuMc
Accepts Bananas, spades or wire.
Input:XLR Balanced input, Cardas XLR
Power AC:20A AC inlet, Furutech Rodhium Plated inlet
Remote:12V trigger, 3.5m, 20mA
Footers:GAiA III from Isoacoustics
Size:430mm (16.9?) W x 110mm (4.3?) H x 418mm (16.5?) D
Shipping size:559mm (22?) W x 254mm (10?) H x 559mm (22?) D
Weight:20kg (44lbs)
Weight20 kg
Dimensions559 × 559 × 254 mm