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ANAP Speaker Cable


$1,149 up to 1.5 meters with spade termination. $200 per additional meter.

The most natural sounding, transparent speaker cable. Ultra low inductance and low capacitance pure copper, 12 AWG cable. The cables have cold welded terminations with Cardas rhodium-over-silver plated copper spades.

Get the best speaker control, natural sound from your speakers, maximizing your amplifiers potential.

Getting Natural sound means allowing the signal to travel as fast as it can, unhindered by inductance, capacitance and resistance. Keeping a single metal allows the full signal the maximum path with a single arrive time for the signal, better detail, better control, better transparency. Single, bare wire is the best connection. Keeping the wire the shortest is also the best. To that end, the Merrill Audio Speaker Cables and Interconnects are built to achieve transparency and natural sound, being neutral to the system with unhindered detail and clarity. If the source is good, it will show right through. Your system gets transparent. You get control and maximize your good components in the system.

To keep the sound natural, the finest OFC copper is used for natural timbre. Using heavy gauge wire, and oversize or too heavy, the cables are as transparent and natural, transmitting the sound as it should be. The Cable tries to disappear between the components. Keeping the cables to only copper allows transparency of the signal to travel and the audio system to breathe and sound natural.

The configuration of the cables has a very big influence of on the cable sound through the resistance, inductance and capacitance of the cable. To keep it flat at all audio frequencies, each of these components must be the lowest to the point where it does not affect the audio frequency and signal. Low inductance helps keep speaker control and speed, especially at the lower frequency levels. To that end, a great deal of focus has been in using low inductance cables that also have very low capacitance. The higher gauge wires have lower resistance which helps with distance and speaker control. All of this keeps the cables delivering a natural sound, with speed and has the cable disappearing from the system allowing the audio systems components to shine.

To keep the low impedance and natural sound, the speaker cables are cold welded to Cardas Rhodium over silver plated spades. Cold Welding fuses the wire without heat, making it appear as a single continuous wire where the spade is now part of the wire. Cardas Spades which are the highest quality spades are used.

Cardas XLR or RCA connectors are used for the Interconnects to keep the integrity of the Interconnect cables and its natural sound. Using 18 AWG cable for the interconnects in a tight configuration allows for long runs, keeping transparency and natural sound. This is also critical in short runs.

Achieving the goal of natural sound and transparency, Merrill Audio ANAP series cables let your audio system get to its maximum potential, showing every detail of the music and the audio components. Audio Purity!

  • High gauge wire for transparency and long runs
  • Ultra low capacitance for detail and clear frequency extensions
  • Low inductance to keep the natural sound and speed
  • Excellent solid, milled spade connectors
  • Very competitivelty priced for any configuration
  • 30 day money-back guaranty for any reason, simply return in the original condition
  • Very transparent and natural sounding interconnect cable
Wire Gauge: 12 AWG
Capacitance: 144 pf/ft
Inductance: 0.06 uH/ft
Termination: Cold-welded Cardas rhodium-plated with milled spades
Other: Available in bi-wire to mono wire or mono wire to mono wire
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