TARANIS mono-block power amplifier. $2,500.00 regular free shipping
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TARANIS mono-block power amplifier


$2,500.00 regular free shipping in the continental USA

The Taranis stereo power amplifier brings a new performance price point for Audiophiles. Based on the Hypex Ncore NC500, it allows audiophiles to enjoy the benefits of the NCORE and Veritas technology, at a lower price.

The Taranis is designed with ultra-low distortion from input to output, and employs a specially designed high end input stage with a high current drive; together, these provide the output stage with ease, speed, detail, and power like no other.

Using the Hypex Ncore NC500, which is an Ncore output stage, and a custom input stage the Taranis stereo amplifier is a high end amplifier packaged in an affordable, eye catching chassis with power meters.

The input stage, usually found in the most expensive equipment, is a fully differential design for maximum noise rejection with high input impedance of 100k. The input stage provides a full peak to peak signal of 13.5V with 300mA of current to the output stage for fast, clean high performance, all with ultra low distortion. It is run hot to give you that extra edge of musical sound. There is a full separate power supply filter just for the input stage which is comprised of 2 separate stages, an input buffer for full high impedance isolation and a differential high current line driver.

To deliver the fast transient speed of high end amplifiers, and the voltage that can drive Electrostaic speakers with ease, the Taranis stereo amplifier uses the same power supply as the Veritas monoblock power amplifiers, providing low noise, high dynamics and high voltage that very few linear power supplies can match.

The chassis used for the Taranis power supply capitalizes on the chassis used for the Jens phono stage, which is a steel chassis for reduced EMI/RFI interference. For eye catching looks and build quality, mirror finish stainless steel front panel is used.

Power meters display the power from -60db to 0db in 3db steps. -60db to -21db is in green LEDS?s, -18db to -12db is in yellow and -9db to 0db is in Red LED?s.

To ensure the best signal transfer, silver plated, pure copper wire with Teflon sleeving is used throughout. Cardas XLR inputs have gold plated housing with rhodium plated case and silver plated copper pins for the best connections. The Speaker binding posts are pure copper plated with Rhodium for good signal transfer as well as longevity. Furutech gold plated IEC is also used.

From end to end the Taranis stereo amplifier is a statement in quality: quality of sound, quality of build and quality of presentation.

  • Silver-plated pure copper speaker posts for banana or spades
  • XLR Balanced input with silver-plated pins
  • Steel chassis for EMI/RFI protection in and out
  • Power meters with 3db steps
  • Optional Isoacoustics GAIA III footers
  • Optional Synergistic fuse or Synergistic Red fuse
Power at 8?: 400W
Power at 4?: 600W
Input Impedance: 100 kilohms
Output Impedance: 1.5 milliohms
Frequency Response: 0Hz to 50kHz 0/-3db
Gain: 26dB
S/N: 130dB
Maximum output: +/- 80V
THD: 0.005% at 200W

    ?Merrill Audio continues to amaze. The Taranis exceeded my expectations for it and then some. For $2.500.00 you get mighty close to the performance of the Veritas and Thor, and that makes the Taranis a stone cold bargain. If you have been thinking about getting into the magic that Merrill has to offer, but can?t afford the Thor ($4,800) or Veritas ($12,000), check out the Taranis. I think you will be impressed.?

  • Merrill Audio Taranis Stereo Power Amplifier

    ?The Merrill Audio Taranis stereo power amplifier is a fine example of modern audio engineering. President and founder Merrill Wettasing has managed to design a power amplifier that not only sounds great, but looks great, too.?


    ?Build quality is on par with what one should expect at this price point? Where the Taranis really struts its stuff is in its performance, and that?s the way it should be when we are looking at the so-called ?budget? end of the high-end? I?d classify it as one of the better, or maybe even best, deals going right now in high-end audio.?

  • Merrill Audio Taranis Power Amplifier

    ?I found the Taranis to be adept at both large scale works that required dynamics, impact and scale, as well as delicate violin and piano solo pieces.?

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