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About Merrill Audio

Merrill Audio Advanced Technology Labs, LLC was founded with the singular mission of High Value Audio and Audio Purity. We are focused on audio and not price points. We are focused on customer service that will delight you.

Merrill Wettasinghe is the principal and founder of Merrill Audio. He has a BSEE and a MBA, has worked for Fortune 100 as well as many startups, including a few that he started himself.

Merrill has been building audio since the age of 10 and has unbridled passion for the finest audio and music. He studied the piano for over 12 years. This is part of the defining sound of Merrill Audio ? accurate reproduction with fast transient speed, details.

Using 30 plus years of experience in research, marketing, global sales and management, Merrill Audio is bringing a global perspective to the Merrill Audio products, so they sound excellent and look good.

The Merrill Audio?Mission

The mission of Merrill Audio is to deliver very high value and uncompromising service to the audiophile that is in the pursuit of the holy grail reproducing live music and very accurate reproduction of what the recording engineer intended.

Very High Value. All components are priced on cost not, what the market will bear. At the price point, the component has to perform exceptionally well and well above any of its peers. Otherwise it is not brought to market.

Live Music reproduction. Getting there is very difficult. Technology is improving in leaps and bounds. Merrill Audio is committed to use the latest in technologies to achieve this goal. Speed, clarity, noise floor, power and musicality are the traits focused on. With these we are able to get closer to live music reproduction than ever before.

Accurate Reproduction. Make sure distortion, transient speed, and dynamic contrast are part of the whole package is very important. We don?t use our equipment as tone control but as accurate reproduction tools.

To this end Merrill Audio will only bring out the finest, best technology and with the greatest benefit to our customers.

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